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GrowthBuilders MarTech Innovation Edition

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The world of Marketing is changing quickly, getting the attention of your audience is getting increasingly more difficult, so we've curated some tech innovators from around the world that are helping large brands maintain their competitive advantage!

In this GrowthBuilders MarTech Edition we are supported by FirstPartyCapital to harness the power of corporate and investor networks across the industry. With our combined expertise and passion, we're excited to drive change. Check out the scale-ups below 👇

Meet our scale-ups:


Calling Marketing Executives


Learn more:

Drive higher engagement and unlock invaluable insights with AdChat's conversational AI display ad formats.

We selected our scale-ups through our experienced & robust process which included vetting over 400 innovators in the marketing space. Our cohort will share their propositions via our innovation events in June 2023 which are specifically designed for large brand marketing and innovation executives, so don't miss this opportunity to learn and request further collaboration opportunities where you see potential for your business.

What are Editions?

GrowthBuilders Editions are a platform for top-tier, later stage tech scale-ups to showcase their products to a targeted network progressive corporates in a quick-fire virtual format. We speed up collaboration, co-creation and partnerships by selecting only the very best product ready scale-ups, saving corporates time, cost and increasing ROI through quality.

The Editions support scale-ups through client connections, specialist sessions on go-to-market strategies as well as providing insights.

Tom Hoskin, GrowthBuilders co-founder gave his comments on the Editions:

"GrowthBuilders Editions are building a high quality, consistent and real-time way for industry executives to work with scale-ups that are driving change within the sector. Basing our selection around pre-defined problems we see at big brands we are able to bring relevant solutions to the forefront."

GrowthBuilders has a rich history in unearthing, vetting and curating innovators having worked hands-on with over 600 tech scale-ups from around the world to support challenges facing large businesses.

Max Heal, GrowthBuilders MarTech Lead, said:

“We're thrilled to collaborate with FirstPartyCapital, given their connections and specialism in Ad and MarTech, they are bringing some great experience and expertise to this Edition that will ultimately benefit all the stakeholders involved!"

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in this Edition or our latest opportunities, get in touch with or see here to register for out event.

About GrowthBuilders

GrowthBuilders specialises in innovation through scale-up & corporate collaboration. They have supported over 550 B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies and over 6,000 Corporate stakeholders across 15 industries to tackle innovation goals. GrowthBuilders are the trusted provider of Innovation Programmes for brands like BDO, Lloyds Banking Group and PwC.

About FirstPartyCapital

FirstPartyCapital invest capital and expertise into ad tech, martech and digital media companies. We couldn’t find the optimal financing solution for our industry, so we decided to build it. We are an operator-run investment fund that will deliver better outcomes for founders and investors alike and we have a team of industry veterans that has built, funded and sold over 50 startups in the last two decades.



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