Access to the right people

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You came up with the idea, let’s scale it. 


GrowthBuilders bring big brands and smart new tech together from around the world to build, create and grow.

We’re inside-out, so we’re getting you outside-in. Having experienced the business challenges in both small and big business, we know how to make connections work.


Latest opportunities

GrowthBuilders powers the Scale Programmes at PwC, bringing a global network for you to grow your scale-up.


PropTech 3.0

HQ: London
Start: Dec 2021
Applications open!

FinTech 5.0

HQ: London
Start: Jan 2022
Applications open!


HQ: London
Start: Jan 2022
Applications open!


HQ: London
Start: March 2022
Pre-registration open!

Programme Overview

Our 10 week programme is designed to bring the full power of global networks. We work closely with founders to bring access to big brands, new channels to markets, industry experts and proven techniques that generate leads, deals, investment and accelerate growth. 


Our small fixed fee model means you keep more control of what you’ve built, as we know it’ll be worth a whole lot more in the future.

Grow clients

Meet the extensive network of corporate decision makers, budget holders and influencers from our big brand network to build commercial opportunities.

Scale faster

Through working with over 400 scale-ups, we bring the best people who share exactly what you need to know on your growth journey.

Partner up

Explore partnerships through ours and our partner networks to develop effective routes to market.

Industry experts

With specialists and big brand relationship holders at your disposal, get large client insights to support your growth challenges.

Global reach

With Scale hubs all over the world, get connected to the latest opportunities in your target markets.

Tailored resources

Use our other specialist partners scale-up focused products and services, specifically tailored to you, to get the best out of your business.


Our team have worked with over 450 scale-ups. Every cohort member stays part of our family.